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Polymer Island Cabinets

Polymer Islands Cabinets are engineered and built to withstand anything that Mother Nature can throw at them. They can withstand direct exposure from the sun without fading, rain without staining, snowpack without rotting, salt air without corroding and they are resistant to all invasive bugs. They can also handle the fluctuations of ambient temperatures, so they do not fade, crack or split. Weatherproof outdoor cabinets are beyond just Polyvinyl Chloride PVC boards or laminated plastic panels they feature scientific blends of high density materials. You can find these cabinets made from a variety of polymer blends including High Density Polyethylene HDPE. Certain brands of polymer island cabinets also add UV inhibitors into their formulas. Weather resistant cabinets are very easy to maintain and clean, simply pressure wash or wash with soap and water to clean both the inside and outside of the cabinet system. They are ideal options along highly corrosive environments like coastlines and next to swimming pools. There are BBQ grill cabinets and a full array of sizes of outdoor kitchen cabinets. Among the numerous standard sizes of outdoor kitchen cabinets, there are even custom designs available, which will be built to your exact outdoor kitchen specifications. There are many colors of cabinets to choose from and many offer optional panels with different styles of door and drawer faces.

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