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Electric Smokers

An Electric smoker offers the unmistakable aroma and wonderful flavor of smoke, which can be used to infuse a hint of flavor, or to fully cook a variety of foods. Electric smokers provide this addition of smoke in the cleanest and purest form. They have an electrode heating element that heats up the wood source, creating the needed amount of smoke or combination of smoke and heat. The use of an electrode to ignite the desired fuel results in an unadulterated smoke, with no added elements like gas or charcoal in conjunction with the wood. Certain models of smokers will have a location to house the addition of wood chips or chunks above the burner area while other models feature a wood fuel in the shape of a disc, or bisquette, designed for that brand or model of smoker. Electric smokers can feature an analog dial or a digital control system to set and control the heat setting of the appliance. Electric smokers can be quite versatile, for example, you can set it on low to cold smoke delicate items like cheese or for longer cold smoking duration's of fish, like salmon. Higher settings of smoke and internal temperatures can be achieved to smoke any type of vegetable, meat or sausage. Many models come with a start-up guide offering instructions to assist you in the process and recipes to explore the wonderful culinary world of smoked foods. There are electric smokers available in numerous sizes from small counter-top smokers to large vertical smokers with multiple racks for smoking large quantities of food. Electric smokers can be found constructed out of powder coated metal, steel and stainless steel.

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