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BBQ Island Covers

BBQ Island covers are handcrafted in the USA, from premium, heavy duty fabrics and can be made to fit any size, style or configuration of outdoor kitchen, BBQ Island or entertaining bar. They will help keep your valuable possessions protected, in various types of weather patterns. Whether you live in an area with harsh sun, frequent rain, blowing sand, near the ocean with salty air, or in areas where snow can accumulate on your island counter top, they will serve to protect the investments you have made in your homes outdoor living space. If you have counter tops with grout and live in an ever changing environment, you realize the maintenance involved in constantly having to seal and reseal your grout on a semi-annual or annual basis. These protective covers will drastically reduce those needs by fully protecting the island. If you have a solid surface countertop, you most likely have invested in high quality cooking and entertaining equipment. A BBQ Island cover will help shield these from the potential rigors of an outdoor environment, helping to further their lifespan. The built in appliances and island accessories will also stay cleaner, reducing maintenance and cleaning times. BBQ Island covers can be added and removed frequently and are an excellent choice for long term placement, or for the winterizing process of an island. These custom made covers are sewn to your particular BBQ Island specifications. Simply supply us with a detailed drawing of the area you would like to protect, along with a few photos for us to visually confirm your request and we will fabricate a custom cover, just for you!

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